Pressure-tolerant silicone encapsulation ENITECH - pressure-tolerant systems
Monitoring the research vessel ENITECH - pressure-tolerant systems
Preparation for the test in the harbor ENITECH - pressure-tolerant systems
Recordings from the ROV camera ENITECH - pressure-tolerant systems
Test dive DNS “Pegel” ENITECH - pressure-tolerant systems
Test a new AUV ENITECH - pressure-tolerant systems
Installation of a pressure-tolerant motor ENITECH - pressure-tolerant systems

What is DNS?

DNS stands for “Druckneutrale Systeme” (pressure-tolerant systems) whose individual components are embedded in flexible plastics. The assemblies are casted with a special vacuum technology enabling the components to work in a deep-sea environment.

In deep water, underwater systems are exposed to extremely high pressure. Therefore, conventional systems with modules housed in pressure chambers quickly reach their limits because of high demands on strength, seal tightness, corrosion resistance and long-term stability.

ENITECH GmbH has developed an alternative for these problems with its own pressure-tolerant technology. Pressure-tolerant systems (DNS) work in a manner similar to pressure-compensated systems in which the components are exposed to hydrostatic pressure. However, the compensation liquid is replaced by incompressible elastomers such as silicone or polyurethane. As a result, the volume compensation requirement for the compensation liquid is no longer necessary. To make it possible to use the components in deep water, the modules are molded with a special vacuum technology.

Pressure-tolerant systems have a specific weight and a smaller volume in comparison to pressure or oil-compensated systems. They are corrosion resistant, require less maintenance and are thus cheaper to maintain.

ENITECH GmbH has been working with this technology for many years, and through its acquired know-how, can now offer a variety of pressure-tolerant products and solutions for deep-sea applications in the field of marine technology.

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